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Self-Treatment Advocate Believes Vibration Leads to Optimal Recovery

I spent my childhood and early adulthood as a competitive athlete and outdoor lover.  After college I moved to Colorado and began my love affair with mountain culture, including the sports and activities that draw and keep so many people there. In the last 20 years I’ve rock climbed, mountaineered, kayaked, snowboarded, skate skiid, mountain [...]

Chiropractor Believes in the Added Benefits of Vibration

Dr. Doug Brisson is a Chiropractor in Longmont, CO. With more than 30 years of experience and a  post-graduate degree in neurology, he has a broad understanding of how the nervous system works with the neuromuscular system. He's also a fan of the RollingFWD vibrating roller. I tell all my clients that self care [...]

Rolling Out on Kickstarter

Today is the day! RollingFWD is now available on Kickstarter which means you can reserve your very own vibrating foam roller. We're offering two rollers. There's the compact 18-inch roller for $199 and the full-size 36-inch roller for $249. If you're among the first supporters you'll get early bird pricing too. So get rolling and order [...]

Triathlete Adds Vibration to Recovery Routine

Will Jurkowski is a professional triathlete living and training in Boulder, Colorado. He's been a great resource testing our various prototypes. Here's his experience with RollingFWD's vibrating foam roller and how it's made a difference in his recovery routine: With a background in track and field, foam rollers have been familiar to me for as [...]

Foam Rolling + Vibration = New Heights for Pole Vaulter

Jamie Connor is currently training for a spot on the Canadian Olympic Team as a pole vaulter. As of May 2015, she was ranked 9th in the country and has her sights set on becoming one of the top three athletes in order to qualify. While training in Colorado she's helped test the RollingFWD prototypes and here's [...]