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Rolling Out on Kickstarter


Today is the day! RollingFWD is now available on Kickstarter which means you can reserve your very own vibrating foam roller. We're offering two rollers. There's the compact 18-inch roller for $199 and the full-size 36-inch roller for $249. If you're among the first supporters you'll get early bird pricing too. So get rolling and order [...]

Rolling Out on Kickstarter2020-04-08T21:24:37-06:00

Prototyping the Next Generation of Foam Rollers


Adding Vibration to Foam Rollers The RollingFWD vibrating foam roller has been in development for nearly two years now. It's been a lot of trial and error and we're onto prototype #6 which will go into production later this year! The first two prototypes were built by me in my basement and the last three prototypes were [...]

Prototyping the Next Generation of Foam Rollers2020-04-08T21:24:37-06:00