Dr. Doug Brisson is a Chiropractor in Longmont, CO. With more than 30 years of experience and a  post-graduate degree in neurology, he has a broad understanding of how the nervous system works with the neuromuscular system. He’s also a fan of the RollingFWD vibrating roller.

I tell all my clients that self care is part of a healthy lifestyle. Part of that is using things like foam rollers for self massage.

The whole reason foam rollers are important is that the body develops facial adhesion due to wear and tear of everyday life. Old injuries also create tears within the soft tissue of the body including ligaments. These tears affect circulation and muscle responsiveness. Foam rollers literally break up those adhesions and help people feel better in their daily activities.

Vibration adds an interesting neurological phenomenon to foam rolling. It creates an additional mechanical response in the tissues that stimulates a larger nerve fiber. That, in turn, stimulates and blocks the smaller, slower pain fibers and that is the gate theory of pain control.

In other words, the vibration seems to reduce much of the sting and discomfort associated with foam rollers. It essentially anesthetizes  nerves just enough so that you can break up the adhesion with less pain and discomfort.

As a result, I’m a big fan of RollingFWD’s vibrating roller. I find it comforting to use on every part of the body.  I’ve actually shown my patients how to use it as a full body routine. Most people use foam rollers on their IT bands, which is great, but it is also helpful to fully mobilize the spine and release tension in the glutes, traps and the neck.  Vibration is particularly effective at getting into those areas.

One of the things I personally like to do on the roller is lie vertically on it along my spine.  Doing this opens up my chest after spending  much of the day hunched over a computer. This exercise is a common use of traditional rollers but adding vibrating massage really helps to stimulate the joints and  penetrates into the heads of the ribs to open things up even more.

Foam rolling—especially with vibration—ultimately encourages better respiration and better posture.  That’s something I really find beneficial when I do it on a regular basis.

The portability of the RollingFWD is also great. It is really nice to be able to use such a high-tech device at home so that you can maintain your body more frequently. The human body accumulates trauma on a daily basis and foam rollers play an important part of the recovery process whether you’re an athlete or a daily work warrior.