Jamie Connor is currently training for a spot on the Canadian Olympic Team as a pole vaulter. As of May 2015, she was ranked 9th in the country and has her sights set on becoming one of the top three athletes in order to qualify. While training in Colorado she’s helped test the RollingFWD prototypes and here’s what she has to say about RollingFWD’s innovative vibrating foam roller:

Pole vaulting causes a lot of wear and tear on my body. Repeated sprinting, jumping, pushing and twisting—not to mention the impact of landing—all take their toll.

I began using foam rollers several years ago and it’s become part of my daily routine. I recently made the switch to RollingFwd’s vibrating foam roller and it has significantly decreased the amount of time that I spend on recovery. The added vibration in the roller invigorates my muscles before a workout and relaxes them at the same time so I can be at my best during training or competition.

After a workout, I put my full body weight on the roller for a minute or more. The roller relaxes every muscle group that comes in contact with it and I feel lighter and rejuvenated. RollingFWD’s roller has become an extremely helpful part of my wind-down routine at night.

The vibrating roller is also superb at pain relief. With a traditional foam roller, I oftentimes wasn’t able to isolate sore areas. With vibration, I can massage just below or to the side of any sore spots and get wide-reaching pain relief.

Since I’ve added vibration to my rolling routine, I spend less time on recovery and more time perfecting what I do best—pole vaulting.

You can follow Jamie’s journey on her facebook page or help her reach her goals by contributing to her crowdfunding campaign. Good luck Jamie!