Today is the day! RollingFWD is now available on Kickstarter which means you can reserve your very own vibrating foam roller. We’re offering two rollers. There’s the compact 18-inch roller for $199 and the full-size 36-inch roller for $249. If you’re among the first supporters you’ll get early bird pricing too. So get rolling and order your vibrating foam rollers now on Kickstarter!

This day has been nearly 3 years in the making as we’ve built six prototypes and tested each one with athletes, therapists and doctors to find the right mix of vibration and deep tissue massage to make the ultimate recovery device.

Now we need your help to bring these vibrating rollers to the world. Your support on Kickstarter will help cover our initial manufacturing costs so we can get these into full-scale prodution. We hope to begin shipping the rollers within the next six months or sooner if at all possible.

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rollingfwd kickstarter campaignSee the latest prototypes in action and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign at

Thanks for your support and we hope you’ll be using this new high-tech vibrating foam roller in the very near future with a successful Kickstarter campaign.