Will Jurkowski is a professional triathlete living and training in Boulder, Colorado. He’s been a great resource testing our various prototypes. Here’s his experience with RollingFWD’s vibrating foam roller and how it’s made a difference in his recovery routine:

With a background in track and field, foam rollers have been familiar to me for as long as I can remember.  As a triathlete I find their importance has grown significantly. I often spend thirty to forty-five minutes per night lying on my foam roller before bed.

I find the vibration of the RollingFWD roller increases the efficacy, better releasing tightness in my hips from hours spent in the saddle and running.  Without a swimming background I now spend considerable time in the pool and have found the vibration of the roller to aid in undoing knots in my back.

The vibration of the RollingFWD roller has also proven to have a calming affect for me which works very nicely in to my nightly routine before bed.  This helps me to climb into bed more relaxed and allows me to fall asleep more easily.

In any endurance sport, training stress is limited by an athletes ability to recover from that stress.  The RollingFWD roller has become a critical piece of my recovery and therefore of my training.