Upgrade Your Foam Roller with Vibration

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Your Next Foam Roller Should Be
a Vibrating Foam Roller

The RollingFWD foam roller provides a better rolling experience by combining the benefits of massage and vibration in a single device. It is the only vibrating foam roller available in both full length (36″) and travel size (18″) and allows athletes at all levels to accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness and reach more muscle groups with less effort. It’s the upgrade to foam rollers you never knew you needed…until now.


Traditional foam rollers can be painful—especially in areas like the IT band. However, by adding vibration, rolling exercises become less painful and enable you to complete full body massage routines that keep your body feeling better and more prepared for whatever activity you’re off to next. Keep moving forward by rolling forward.

Increase Blood Flow

Boost Your Pre and Post-Workout Routine

Vibration increases blood flow which is great for warming up before activity and great for recovery after a workout.

Reduce Pain

Make Rolling Less Painful

Vibration makes rolling on sensitive regions—like the IT band—more bearable. It also helps reduce muscle soreness.

Recover Faster

Fast Forward to Feeling Better

Vibration speeds up recovery so you can spend less time rolling and more time doing the activities you love.


Re-chargable Battery

Up to 13 hours of powered rolling

The built-in lithium ion battery lasts up to 13 hours on the lowest speed, 9 hours on medium speed and 4.5 hours on the highest setting.

Three Speeds

Choose Your Speed

Choose from three intensity levels to suit your needs. Dial the vibration up for larger muscle groups or down for smaller muscles.

Premium Foam

Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft

Durable foam with a soothing texture prevents slipping and adds a soft touch for all muscle groups.

Two SIzes

The only vibrating foam roller available in two lengths: The 36″ provides more surface area for ease of use. The 18″ is more portable for athletes on the go.