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Why should I consider a full-length (36″) roller?2015-08-24T13:11:59-06:00

Having a 36″ rolling surface definitely matters when it comes to results and efficiency. RollingFWD’s full-length vibrating foam roller allows you to do things you can’t with shorter rollers:

  • Full Spine Rolling: a 36″ roller will extend the full length of your spine. Simply put the roller length-wise between your shoulder blades for a massage that runs the entire length of your spine. We consistently get very positive feedback about how great this exercise feels. Don’t try this with shorter rollers…there isn’t enough support for your spine!
  • Easier to Use: a full-length roller requires less balance and strength to stay on the roller.
  • More Efficiency: with a full-length roller, you can roll out both arms or both legs at once. Doing so allows you get results in less time plus it also allows you to distribute your weight across both limbs to reduce pressure points in sore areas if necessary.

And remember…RollingFWD’s full-length roller is designed to evenly distribute therapeutic vibration  the entire length of the roller so there aren’t any dead spots. You get the full benefits of vibration and massage no matter where you are on the roller.

What are some benefits of vibration therapy?2020-04-08T21:24:37-06:00

Although studies have been limited, advocates for vibration therapy claim that it helps increase blood flow, bone density and muscle mass. It’s also believed to reduce joint and muscle pain while relieving stress and boosting your metabolism.


How often do I need to recharge the battery?2015-07-20T20:07:40-06:00

It depends! The RollingFWD vibrating foam roller has three speeds. If you use the highest setting, you’ll have to recharge the battery after 4 to 5 hours of use. If you use the lowest setting, the battery will last up to 13 hours.

So, no matter what setting you use, you’ll have plenty of power for numerous rolling sessions.

What is a full body vibration plate?2015-07-20T19:50:01-06:00

A vibration plate is a machine with a small platform that vibrates at a high frequency. Users stand or position themselves on the platform and perform exercises which increases the intensity and effectiveness of workouts.

Vibration plates were originally used by Russian scientists to reduce degeneration of bone and muscle in space. Since then it’s been growing in popularity with professional athletes, gyms and celebrities as a way to increase performance and promote recovery.

Typically expensive and bulky, vibration plates aren’t extremely accessible or viable for home use, but more and more tools, like RollingFWD’s vibrating rollers are bringing  more affordable options to the market.

Where and when can I get a RollingFWD vibrating foam roller?2015-11-09T20:05:39-07:00

Thanks for your interest in our vibration foam rollers. We’re taking pre-orders now and will begin shipping in early 2016. Pre-order yours today!

Where can I try the RollingFWD vibrating foam roller?2015-08-09T13:33:32-06:00

We’d love for you to experience the RollingFWD foam roller! It’s the best way to get a “feel” for our product and the quality of design and materials.

In Colorado? We demo our rollers frequently in Denver and Boulder. Follow us on facebook or twitter to find out when we’re in your area.

Outside of Colorado? We attend several national exhibitions each year. Visit our events page to find out where we’ll be. We hope to see you there!

Health Professional? If you’re a therapist, chiropractor or trainer, we’d be happy to schedule a demo at your office. Request a demo.