Feedback and Praise from Athletes and Medical Professionals

We’ve worked with athletes and medical professional to test and collect feedback for our vibrating foam roller. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Will Jurkowski


“After a day of training, I use the roller to help me relax for the night as I get ready for bed.  The vibration of the RollingFWD roller helps to take away some of the tension from the day’s sessions and loosens locked muscles.”

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Jamie Connor

Pole Vaulter, Olympic Hopeful

“After a workout, I put my full body weight on the roller for a minute or more. The roller relaxes every muscle group that comes in contact with it and I feel lighter and rejuvenated. RollingFWD’s roller has become an extremely helpful part of my wind-down routine at night.”

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Dr. Brisson on Adding Vibration to Foam Rollers

Dr. Doug Brisson


“Adding vibration to it seems to take out much of the sting and discomfort associated with [rolling] and seems to anesthetize those  nerves just enough so that you can get in there and break up some of the adhesion with less pain and discomfort.”

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Patrick on Vibration and Foam Rollers

Patrick Wroblewski

Rolf Structural Integrator, CMT

“In the past I’ve consistently recommended vibrational massage devices and foam rollers, and now RollingFWD has created a product that efficiently combines both, leading to a more thorough and quicker self-treatment to not only help release tension in the muscles and fascias of the body, but also down regulate or inhibit the spinal nerves to help bring about a parasympathetic state in the autonomic nervous system…translation is that your body enters the rest and repair state that is required for optimal recovery.”

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